Decentralized Autonomous Staking

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What Is StakingDAO?

StakingDAO is an automated staking service that balances stake across the network

Pool Ranking Solution

We solve the pool ranking issue by organising pools into groups

How Does The DAO Work?

Holders pick a pool group to support and the DAO will automatically distributes stake to a pool within that group.

What Are The Pool Groups?

Pool groups are based on a benefit for the ecosystem as a whole, there are currently 5 pool groups

Can You Support Multiple Groups?

Yes you can! You stake to a group by creating a basket, you can have multiple baskets if you want to support multiple groups and this enables you to stake to multiple pools from the same wallet!

How Do Rewards Work?

Pool Rewards are distributed exactly as normal staking wold work, you just withdraw your rewards or leave them to accumulate and add to active stake

Holder Requirements

There are no requirements for holders to use the DAO, just connect your wallet and start staking!

Stake Pool Requirements

For A Stake Pool to become a member of the DAO it will need to meet 3 Criteria:

Single Pool, 1 Lifetime Block, <2% Variable Fee

Seeding New Stake Pools

We want to help new and struggling pools get their first Block, so we have a Seed group to enable delegators to support new pools and onboard them to the main DAO groups.

DAO Governance

DAO Tokens will be distributed to holders and stake pools to enable governance of the DAO

Security Concerns

The DAO uses the Cardano staking mechanism so ADA never leaves you wallet. 

Only you have your private keys, only you can add to your stake or withdraw from the DAO